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What is The Love Local Project? 

The Love Local Project is a video series that will be posted to social media, via Grace Perry Productions. This video series will be available for your business to use, share and post as you please. The Love Local Project will capture each small business through video interviews. We will be creating a 1-2-minute video per each small business completely free of charge. This video will highlight information about your business and services. 


What is the goal of The Love Local Project?

The goal of the #LoveLocal project is to create video content that highlights small local businesses to celebrate and support the entrepreneur spirit that lives in Denver. Grace Perry Productions will be producing this entire video series. Grace will handle everything- from production to scheduling. All the business owner, aka you, has to do is provide Grace with two hours of your time. 


But what about COVID 19?!

What better way to reach your community than a video through social media? As we adapt to this new normal, small businesses are struggling to get by. Reaching customers online through social media is a great resource to do so. And did I mention this is completely free? Our desire is to provide high quality creative content services. Client safety is a top priority as we follow all CDC infection control guidelines during this project. 

The Questions

During the video production process, we will set up a video interview with the business owner and Grace Perry. This will be a casual interview of very low pressure. If you are typically nervous in front of the camera, don’t worry, Grace is a fabulous interviewer and will walk you through the process. 


The following are some basic questions we will ask during the interview: 


  1. When did you start your business?

  2. What is the story around your business?

  3. What is unique about your business?

  4. What made you choose this type of business?

  5. What services do you provide/products?

  6. What do you want your customers to know about your business right now?

  7. How have you had to adjust to COVID 19?

  8. What makes your business special?

  9. Do you have any products, services, sales or events that are new or upcoming?

  10. What is one of your favorite memory as a Denver business owner?



Additionally, we would like to ask our love local participants to gather a few photographs of your business, these can be given to Grace digitally or physically to scan. We would like to capture the history of your business and we may use some photographs as well within the video.



If you are interested in joining the Love Local Production, please fill out the form to apply below. The first phase of the Love Local Project, starting April 2021 will begin with ten small businesses.

Apply Here

The Love Local Project


Apply for a FREE one minute video for your local business. Only ten small businesses in Denver, CO will be accepted into Phase one of the #LoveLocal project. Businesses will be notified by or before April 5, 2021. Thank you!

Thank you for applying for The Love Local Project! We will get back to you on or before April 5. Thank you!


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